Survey Says…

Thanks to all of you for taking our reunion survey!  We received 75 responses in all. We received some great feedback and will be making adjustments to the weekend’s activities.  We are working hard to accommodate everyone’s requests, but please recognize that we have a large class with varying opinions on what we should and shouldn’t do.

Some of these changes include lowering the ticket price to $65 per person.  While most of you (84%), felt that the previous ticket cost was appropriate, we are conscious of the fact that many of you have high travel costs to get here and that $150 for a couple to attend may be too much.

We are also cancelling the golf tournament.  With only a small number planning to play (less than 12%), it doesn’t make sense to host an entire tournament. Therefore, Christina will be making tee times for any of you who wish to play Saturday afternoon.  The golf registration form will be updated to reflect these changes.

We will not be having a lake cruise Friday night, but we are looking into reserving some reduced rate tickets for those of you who wish to take a cruise Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned for more information.

Survey Summary (75 responses total):

  • About 73% of respondents are planning to attend the reunion.  About 23% are still undecided.
  • Of those attending, almost 60% are bringing a guest, 12% are coming solo, and about 28% aren’t sure yet.
  • A small number, less than 12%, would participate in the golf tournament with another 30% undecided.
  • The cruise: Less than 30% want to have a cruise and nearly 65% said it wasn’t worth the additional cost.
  • 84% felt that the overall reunion cost of $75 for the weekend was” just about right”.
  • Almost 82% plan to participate in the entire weekend of activities. 12% plan to participate in Saturday night only and less than 7% will attend only Friday night.
  • 93% of those attending the reunion plan to stay with friends/family or already live here.

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