Kat Yockey

Name: Kat Yockey

Name in High School: Kathy Yockey

Current City/State: Cd’A Idaho

Current Occupation: Computer Graphics & Photography

Single/Married/Other: SINGLE!

Kids: None of my own but, I thank all my friends for having kids for me I love
them all! They range in ages between 5-21 =)

Pets: Two Dawgs Sir. Buster Bipps who is an English Bully & Lady Dusty Agnus who
is a Porki (Pom-Yorki)

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Detention! oh that’s not what you meant! None… if there was something going on that I found interesting I’d participate, Homecoming float & Pep rallies stuff like that!

What is your favorite high school memory?: Not enough room on this page! Shaela Mercer falling off Chad Barchard’s shoulders? Liz McGee getting hung upside down trying to scale a fence? Christy Gotschall covering her eyes when a puddle splashed up over the windshield? Want more? Let’s chat at the reunion! lol

Miss anything about those days?: yeah I didn’t have to pay bills!

Military Service/College/Other: I’ve done Red-Cross volunteer disaster relief does that count?

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Furthering my education, finding myself, exploring the vast adventures life has to offer!

Significant Achievements?: I’ve found that ALL of my achievements big & small are significant.

Places you’ve traveled?: No where special wherever my feat lead me!

Anything else you want to share?: I haven’t changed much I’m still just a Dork. I’m far more secure in myself than 20 years ago. Still best friends with the same people and few new ones.

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