Rob Wheeler

Name: Rob Wheeler

Name in High School: Ummm…… Rob…….

Current City/State: CA

Current Occupation: Artist/Actor/Server/Bartender I’m very busy…….

Single/Married/Other: No to the Married

Pets: Buffy the Boxer Slayer

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Natural Helpers, Cheerleader, Student Council, track(shortly). I’m sure I’m missing something.

What is your favorite high school memory?: Oh my god there are way way too many!

Miss anything about those days?: My hair…….. 🙂

Military Service/College/Other: U of I didn’t quite finish……

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Moved to Holland for a year but got kicked out! Stupid Holland. Then off to LA LA land. Still working on the acting and art thing.

Significant Achievements?: Started my own small business for my art and online store. Made iPhone apps out of thin air. Got an agent that sometimes does his job. Wait…..what year is this?

Places you’ve traveled?: Hawaii, Holland, Mexico (of course), Norway, France, Germany, does Arizona count?

Anything else you want to share?: Can’t wait to see everyone! I thought High School was a blast.

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