Tim Stein

Name: Tim Stein

Name in High School: Tim Stein

Current City/State: Hayden, ID

Current Occupation: Enforce state and federal pesticide laws with the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture.

Single/Married/Other: Married to Kristin Lacy (CHS ’91) for 10 years.

Kids: Stepdaughter Sky (17), son Ethan (7), and daughter Lydia (4)

Pets: Chloe our rescue mutt and a rabbit named Hoppy

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Band and Pep-Band

What is your favorite high school memory?: Split shifting, switching instruments with someone else when Mr. Terris had a substitute, missing 4 weeks of senior year when I got mono, and let’s not forget a graduation ceremony at the Greyhound Park.

Miss anything about those days?: Not really.

Military Service/College/Other: A.S. and A.A. from NIC ’93; B.S. Environmental Biology, EWU ’96 and a Certificate in Environmental Contamination Assessment, U of I ’07.

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: NIC for three years. Year off school to play. EWU for two more years. Worked at the Camera Corral downtown CdA for a couple years developing film and selling camera gear. Landed a seasonal job with the Forest Service and did this for four years while working winters at the Corral. During that time I was introduced to Kristin, we dated, married and started an instant family in 2000. A year later I was offered a job with the Dept. of Ag. Add a dog, Ethan and Lydia, then the rabbit and here we are today. That’s 20 years in a nut shell.

Significant Achievements?: Being a Dad!

Places you’ve traveled?: Most recently Nelson, B.C. and Boston, MA. Also: CA, OR, UT, WA, VA, IN and Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta.

Anything else you want to share?: Can’t think of anything.

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