Patricia Snyder

Name: Patricia Snyder

Current City/State: Grants Pass, Oregon

Current Occupation: print/video/photo journalist with the Daily Courier newspaper, editor of monthly Home and Garden magazine, graphic artist

Single/Married/Other: single

Pets: goldfish in my outdoor water features

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: creative writing club, French club

What is your favorite high school memory?: creative writing club and J.P.’s English class

Miss anything about those days?: not really

Military Service/College/Other: AA from North Idaho College, bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Montana

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: After college, I worked at the newspaper in Coos Bay, Oregon, for a little over a year, then took the newspaper job here. I got involved in independent film about five years ago and have worked on various projects, the most recent of which is set to premiere in L.A. the week of the reunion, “The Bag.”

Significant Achievements?: Probably my proudest was being involved in a grassroots effort to form a nonprofit to open and run our libraries, closed due to lack of government money. I published a young adult fantasy novel, “Advent Tour.” I’ve won various awards in journalism and for film, especially a feature I co-wrote, “Sixes and the One-Eyed King.”

Places you’ve traveled?: Egypt (covering a National Guard deployment), Ireland, Germany, London, Canada, Mexico, many states

Anything else you want to share?: Going through yearbooks, trying to remember, made me realize how I didn’t keep in touch with people. The reason I didn’t call/write/whatever was nothing personal. I had a lot on my mind back then. I’m looking forward to seeing how people have changed (or not).

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