Zane Smith

Name: Zane Smith

Current City/State: Montana

Current Occupation: Geologist

Single/Married/Other: single

Pets: Fletch’ the white wolf Samoyed

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: United Way, X-C, Hoops, Track, DECA, etc.

What is your favorite high school memory?: Winning a free trip for DECA to the Bay Area for nationals, good thing for night school/detention or I would not have ever finished my project

Miss anything about those days?: cheap beer n gas

Military Service/College/Other: B.S. Geology (U of I), Masters Study HWU Edinburgh, Scotland

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Deciding what I was going to put here, D’oh! Actually after fun times at university, working around the west as a field geologist, off to Europe, extensive traveling, now in Montana

Significant Achievements?: Finishing high school, college and university

Places you’ve traveled?: 40 States, all over Europe, Canada, Africa, Mexico, worked in Moscow, Ft Collins, Cd’A, McCall, Yellow Pine, Kellogg, Scotland, Estes Park, Denver, Co Springs, all over Southern and Western Utah, now mostly in Montana and Cd’a…

Anything else you want to share?: Hope to see some folk the next weekend at Black Happy shows.

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