Diana (Shockley) Bird

Name: Diana Bird

Name in High School: Diana Shockley

Current City/State: Coeur d’Alene

Current Occupation: Mommy! Oh and I’m an RN too.

Single/Married/Other: Scott Bird – 15 great years!

Kids: I have 4 wonderful kids: Jack (9), Emma (7), Levi (5), & Chloe (3)

Pets: 2 cats Silver and Blackie and every now and then a fish or two (gotta love the fair goldfish)

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Basketball, Orchestra, Key club, YVA, Track

What is your favorite high school memory?: Hanging out with friends my Senior year was the best!

Military Service/College/Other: Graduated from Linfield College of Nursing in Portland, Oregon 1995 with a BS in Nursing and obtained my RN license that spring.

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: I moved to Portland Oregon for college and ended up staying 15 years. I enjoyed a career in Nursing, working in a Hospital setting as a bedside nurse in ICU and also as a Clinical Assistant to a Clinical Nurse Specialist doing project management, teaching and education coordination for medical professionals in the facility and great Portland area. I also worked as a Relief Nursing
Supervisor for the Hospital. I currently am a homeschooling my kids, being a “medical advice nurse” to my extended family and working on re-entering the nursing field. My biggest joy has been being married to a wonderful man and having a great family. I am daily amazed at the joy and challenge of being a good Mom and wife, and I am loving it.

Places you’ve traveled?: Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and Canada

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