Krystal (Olson) McKinley

Name: Krystal McKinley

Name in High School: Krystal Olson

Current City/State: Beaverton, OR (suburb of Portland)

Current Occupation: Pre-K/K Teacher

Single/Married/Other: Currently Separated from Jeff McKinley (class of ’91), married in 8/96

Kids: Emma Rose, 5

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Track (briefly), Guardian Angels, Spanish Club

What is your favorite high school memory?: Going out for lunch to KFC and racing back, taking the the cutoff road behind the Fairgrounds that was all potholes and puddles, hiking Tubb’s Hill and trying to start a campfire with a box of Kleenex and damp twigs, Skate Plaza like every weekend, cruising Sherman and the dike road in my VW Bug (and Sr year my Honda CRX) blasting Def Lepard or George Michaels.

Miss anything about those days?: My relatively skinny bod! Some of the people. How simple life is at that age.

Military Service/College/Other: U of I, Elementary Education

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Lived in the dorms, then went Greek and help start a chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, Got my degree and student taught at Hayden Meadows, met and married Jeff, lived in Post Falls and substitute taught, moved to Portland in ’99, taught Pre-K and Kindergarten, took a break as a stay-at-home Mom for 1 1/2 years, and joined the workforce again. I love working with Young Children and I am making plans to start my Masters in Education soon.

Significant Achievements?: My beautiful and Brilliant Emma Rose!

Places you’ve traveled?: Las Vegas, Reno, LA, Seattle, Canada

Anything else you want to share?: Looking forward to getting reconnected with Classmates!

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