Craig Miller

Name: Craig Miller

Current City/State: Moscow, ID

Current Occupation: Researcher in Biology & Mathematics (Viral Evolution)

Single/Married/Other: Married to Robyn Vasterling Miller for 5 years.

Kids: Rowan is nearly 15 months old.

Pets: I have a 10 year old female dog, half Australian Sheppard and half chocolate lab, named Fescue. She’s sweet and smart and has been through a lot with me now.

We recently got a flock of 7 chickens to put in the luxury coop I built this spring. One of the Buff-Orpingtons, Tupelo, broke her leg. With the help of the folks at the WSU vet hospital, we’ve been nursing her back to health.

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Basketball was the big one for me.

What is your favorite high school memory?: I loved playing basketball. Not so long ago Chris Pitano (sp?) showed up at noon ball for a few days here at UI where I still burn up quite a few of my midday hours. Chris was a very good player for Post Falls high back then. Between noonball games we had a great time remembering the Post Falls v. CDA games from our senior year. CDA won the game at Post-Falls on a half
court shot by Shad Birch. But only after we blew a 15 point lead. The truth is, I hardly knew Chris back in high school, but reminiscing about
those games felt something like catching up with an old friend. And that, I quickly realized, is what they call nostalgia.

Military Service/College/Other: It took me a number of years to get my undergraduate degree. That looked something like this:
Whitman College: 1990-1992.
University of Oregon 1992-1993.
Eastern Washington University: 1993-1995.
University of Montana: 1995-1997. Here I got an undergraduate degree in biology.

University of Idaho: 1998-2002. PhD (studied the evolutionary history of grizzly bears in North America, and genetic issues relating to conservation of the Yellowstone population in particular).

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: As the above indicates, I spent a lot of years in school. I thought I might want to be a field biologist and had a few interesting jobs working on bats, mice, and bears. In graduate school I met this smart girl named Robyn and fell in love with her. Her only questionable attribute was being from Southern California. But when I learned she had hiked both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, I decided it was forgivable. We fixed up the house I’d bought in Moscow, sold it, and financed several months traveling in southeast Asia. We got married in the spring of 2005 at Priest Lake. Then I fancied myself as a professor and took a position in Biology at Eastern Washington University. But two years of that was terribly stressful and exhausting and I realized that my idealism about teaching and motivating students isn’t very compatible with the modern, maximum-throughput, treat-em-like-cattle model of college education. So we moved back to Moscow Idaho where the scale and pace of things is more reasonable. I have a research position at the university and Robyn runs North Idaho operations for a non-profit conservation organization called The Nature Conservancy. Moscow life has meant time again for a garden, chickens, sleep, music, a few friends, building furniture, pickup basketball, a backpacking trip now and then, and, you know, actual time to have a relationship with my wife. Then last spring we had a girl named Rowan. She is amazing. But you can disregard that hopelessly naive previous sentence about having plenty of time for all sorts of pleasantries. With Rowan starting to talk, she sums it up most succinctly: “More!”

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