David Johnson

Name: David M. Johnson

Name in High School: ditto

Current City/State: Far Flat North, MN, aka little Egypt

Current Occupation: Ninjatic Master of Nomadic Affairs

Single/Married/Other: A treasure of a wife for 15 years, Willow Rae Johnson (Howe) of Spokane.

Kids: Winter Meadow, 15—plays piano and sings, snowboards, swim team, camp counselor, going to Ghana in July on a missions trip, kept estranged of boys by dad’s firearms; Abigail Grace, 12—plays the flute and piano, addicted to Naruto, snowboards, swim team, diligent worker, avid reader; Isaiah Daniel, 7—snowboards, 123% boy (everything is a gun, sword, plane, robot, or car), loves Legos and other ‘buildables’, plays piano and violin, high pain tolerance; Liberty Faith, 4—plays violin, wants to snowboard, very loving, artistic, low pain tolerance, not afraid to squeeze animals. All 4 of our children are socially inept due to excessive homeschooling.

Pets: 2 too many cats, gaggles of fish, 1 guinea pig, 20 chickens, and 1 dead lizard.

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Band jock, stoner woods explorer, Park & Rec basketball.

What is your favorite high school memory?: Sleeping in until 11 the first year of split shift.

Miss anything about those days?: Higher % of mullets seen on a daily basis.

Military Service/College/Other: NIC 4 years (after finally settling on the Black Happy slow track to music education); Montana State U for 3.5 years for Music Ed, K-12 Broadfield; life.

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Educating myself, snowboarding extensively, making and raising human world wonders, roaming the planet, Kiteboarding weakly, dreaming of mountains and powder, NOT teaching music for a living, owning and operating a successful business with my father and brother, listening critically to and performing music, and challenging irrational worldviews.

Significant Achievements?: See children and wife above.

Places you’ve traveled?: TJ; most of the beautifully diverse US including AK; PEI and other Canadian destinations, eh?; Scotland, London, Brazil, and the grocery store.

Anything else you want to share?: My wealth via increased taxes, of course!

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