Johnny Hunt

Name: Johnny Hunt

Name in High School: Johnny Hunt

Current City/State: Cd’A

Current Occupation: Staples management

Single/Married/Other: Single

Kids: None

Pets: 1 mischieveious dog Simon, 1 fat black cat Peko and one calico that’s 18 years old cocoa (cocoa was not a fan of college parties in her youth)

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Sentinel Staff, student council, being Norman’s friend

What is your favorite high school memory?: Lol, loved it all. liked the fact that we had a different starting time each year we went.
Freshman year Noon and getting home at dark!, Sophmore 10 am, Junior 6 am, Senior year normal time 8 am. best memory was running for student council the first time. How did i win? I only had like 24 friends at the time? That was very nice of everyone to do that.
Also my whole senior year was fun.

Miss anything about those days?: Miss seeing everyone everyday. Had a great group of people to share the expeirence with.
Miss the drama of planning for prom 🙂 going out on those group events, study groups, certain classses (chemistry with Mr. Lowande was the best class i ever attended), having locker buddies, having Chris Pickens hide cottage cheese in Norm, Chris Goodson and mine locker and us not finding it till the end of the school year. Going to wrestlemania events with Heath okon, Jason Peebles, Brian Haler and others, lol, how did i end up there?? During double shifting skipping class to go bowling and donuts at Duncans. Mrs. Manwhilers typing class, learning on those old typewriters and having Wendy Cooper roll her eyes whenever Mrs. Manwhiler would demostrate the comfortable reach of stroking the “y” or “t” key. I could never type faster than stinkin Travis Headley! Also enjoyed my 6 am history class with Mrs. Kravik. All I remember is taking alot of naps while we watched some video for 4 weeks or sitting in the corner and conversing with Jennifer May and Scotty Roe the whole time. I also liked the open classroom styles, cause I would sit in the back and watch Norm getting kicked outta Spanish class for farting, literally desk and all outta the room. All good times and many many more 🙂

Military Service/College/Other: Boise state grad, elementary education

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Besides college, just enjoying the lake city!

Significant Achievements?: Staying single? Just kidding.

Places you’ve traveled?: Lol, not really. Seattle, canada, all the spots that are a hop-skip- and a jump away

Anything else you want to share?: I’ve babbled enough

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