Colleen Hall-Headley

Then: Now:

Name: Colleen Hall-Headley

Name in High School: Colleen Hall

Current City/State: Post Falls, Idaho

Current Occupation: Teacher/School Counselor for Lakeland High School and COMM 101 instructor for North Idaho College

Single/Married/Other:  Married to Travis Headley for 14 years.

Kids: Jackson, age 8 and Aidan, age 6

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: drillteam, student council, and newspaper staff

What is your favorite high school memory?: I had a really great time working with my friends at KFC- Long live the Colonel:)  Also, spending time with Courtney, Shana and all of my close friends.

Miss anything about those days?: being free of adult responsibilities

Military Service/College/Other: I’ve spent a lot of time at U of I: undergrad work in secondary education (English and Speech), graduate work in English, education, technology, and most recently a MA in School Counseling (2009).

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Building and loving my family has been keeping me busy since high school and whether taking classes or teaching them, education is my calling- I love school.

Significant Achievements?: In addition to my academic acheivements, I’ve tried to motivate myself through triathlons and a few half-marathons along the way.  This summer Shannon and I will compete in the Long Bridge swim the Saturday of our reunion!

Places you’ve traveled?: Europe (3 times- twice with students- yikes!), Mexico, Carribean, West Coast, East Coast.  Next stop Southern California (watch out Sea World and Disneyland).

Anything else you want to share?: I love reading about what everyone else has been up to.  What a great group of people we went to school with!

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