Eric Evans

Name: Eric Evans

Name in High School: Eric Evans

Current City/State: Silverdale, WA

Current Occupation: Environmental Health

Single/Married/Other: Claimed

Kids: Brock, 10

Pets: 2 Cats

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Soccer, Football

What is your favorite high school memory?: Good friends, good times – but really, at my old age – my memory is failing.

Miss anything about those days?: I really miss homework and minimum wage.

Military Service/College/Other: BS, Environmental Health, Oregon State University, 1996

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Professionally, I’ve worked for various studios and publishers such as Atari, Epic and Sony as a graphic artist; my public health career has been very rewarding and I co-founded and operate two separate software companies. Personally, I built houses, was married and have been raising my son for the past 10+ years. I also feed my dumb cats when I remember.

Significant Achievements?: Sure – I managed to stay friends with my ex so that we could raise our son positively. Regarding work – I feel I have been fortunate and have achieved a lot professionally; plenty of awards and recognition, publications, etc., but those are just events that have made life fun.

Places you’ve traveled?: A lot of everywhere but Asia.

Anything else you want to share?: Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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