Rebecca (Brown) McNeill

Name: Rebecca McNeill

Name in High School: Rebecca Brown

Current City/State: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Current Occupation: Substitute Teacher

Single/Married/Other: Living with Rick Graham, 2 years

Kids: Julia 7 and Booker 4

What H.S. group, club, sports or activities were you involved in?: Drama, debate, orchestra, JSA, speech

What is your favorite high school memory?: JP’s classes, lunch on the stage, debate tournaments

Miss anything about those days?: Feeling invincible.

Military Service/College/Other: Lots of colleges in short chunks: GU, NIC, Cornish, UI. Finally got teaching certificate in 2005. Worked in theatre in CDA, Spokane, Seattle.

What have you been doing since June, 1990?: Lots of plays, one brief marriage, two kids, various colleges, various weights, steady drooping of my breasts.

Significant Achievements?: Had several plays produced that I wrote in Seattle, Spokane, and CDA. That was fun.

Places you’ve traveled?: France, Germany, England, Canada, Texas

Anything else you want to share?: Is there a place for general apologies for our horrendous behavior in high school? That might be a nice addition. đŸ™‚

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